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LED Design & 

Sustainergy specializes in ultra-high-efficiency LED

lighting systems which result in more savings and

faster payback periods for our clients.


Retrofitting a facility’s lighting to LED isn’t a great idea just from a pleasant level of illumination standpoint, it is also one of the best investments (with the quickest return) to reduce operating costs and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

This is thanks to a quick payback period in the range of 2-5 years and can be as low as under a year if government rebates are available. Today’s LED lights have a lifetime of 50,000+ hours, which means if used 12 hrs/day they will last a minimum of 11 years & used 8 hrs/day they will last a minimum of 17 years. All of this, with zero maintenance costs.

We do this by staying on top of the latest developments in the rapidly changing LED industry and by providing our clients with the highest lumen-per-watt LED light fixtures, which translates in using lower wattage fixtures to achieve the same amount of illumination.

We understand the financial benefits, as well as the many pitfalls of lighting retrofits and that’s why we have made it our goal to provide you with the most cost-effective lighting design possible for your specific project, backet by an industry leading warranty.

Our Process 

1. Evaluate  

First, one of our lighting specialists will visit

your facility to get a better understanding

of your current lighting system design,

hours of operation, any concerns

management or staff may have, as well as

gather data such as current illumination


2. Calculate 

In order to make an informed decision and

choose the right type of LEDs for you,

(using the gathered data) our team will

calculate your current electrical usage,

the savings you can expect to see,

payback period, ROI/ lifetime savings, as

well as inform you if any rebates are


3. Install 

Our team will take care of the install

process, from start to finish. This includes

applying for rebates (if available). We

adhere to strict quality standards and are

proud to offer an industry leading

warranty, a minimum of 5 years and up to

10 years for both workmanship, and

product, depending on the chosen


Past Projects 

Below are just a few of our past projects 


Before Retrofit 

After Retrofit 


Before Retrofit 

After Retrofit 

Learn about the latest tech 

a 25min energy assessment can lead to 10%+ in energy savings 

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